[tenminmix] Decks, EFX and Tech #3 – Simon Stokes

Howdy! For my next vid I thought I’d upload a new ten minute techno mix. The day before making this video, I went out to pick up a set of Technics 1210 Mk5G decks – absolute beasts! I got a total bargain on them, so they are hardly costing me anything once I sell the Vestax PDX-2000s that I used to use….always nice. The problem, though, has been getting used to the less torque that the Technics decks offer – while they are much nicer to mix on (especially the nice, tight pitch fader) they are definitely harder to adjust if something goes out – it’s good on a way as I get to put the hours in practicing again! Hope you enjoy the mix – it has some of the tracks that I am really hammering at the moment. For all you techno geeks there is an unreleased Alex Under on this mix too! Tracklisting: **Tracklist available on request!** All comments are warmly received! Thanks, Simon www.myspace.com beatport.com Facebook – Simon Stokes (Glasgow)

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